Seminar Participants may opt to complete Course Activities to earn any or all of the four professional development Open Badges we offer in the OOPS.  Participants who register for UMinnesota graduate credit will also earn an additional Open Badge on completing the four activities and a small, independently-designed project


MILT Philosophy Badge

MILT Philosophy Badge – Participants create an artifact (a document, video, slideshow, blog post) that conveys the individual’s MILT thinking. This might take shape as an expansion of a current teaching philosophy, a narrative exploring your defining of key terms, or a proposed statement for a unit linked to your learning and teaching work.


Assignment Creation Badge

Assignment Creation – Participants will create or significantly revise an assignment/ activity for a course or other professional activity, and create a short narrative that places it within the context of MILT and other learning goals, describes resources that will need to be in place to support students’ learning, and outlines a plan to indicate your feedback and assessment plans.


Dialogic Discussion Badge

Dialogic Discussion Badge Participants seeking this badge will reflect on ways to start, support, and sustain a variety of discussion modes as part of MILT. Additionally, badge earners will complete a Classroom Insights Questionnaire ahead of reviewing and reflecting on their own ways and hows and whys of learning within Module 1-3 forum discussions.

course design

Course Design Badge

Course Design Badge – With a specific course in mind, participants apply ideas from OOPS! Modules to draft a course proposal or to create/revise portions of an existing syllabus or major course document to infuse MILT-related practices.

Course Complete / Independent Project Badge

Course Completion / Independent Project Badge


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