MILT Course Design Badge

Badge Descriptioncourse design

With a specific course/professional context in mind, participants apply ideas from seminar materials and discussions to propose 3 course (re)design ideas for a MILT-infused course.

Basic Guidelines

This badge builds on the discussion you’ve started in the “MILT & Course Design” Forum.  For the badge, you will draw on your original posting as well as feedback from seminar participants to compose two short documents:

First, a 2 page Mini-Course-Proposal that incorporates three elements: a course title; a description of the course atmosphere and overall aims, and of proposed activities and assessments; and a segment that proposes/analyses three ways you will incorporate MILT principles/practices into the design of your course.

Second, a one page reflection that addresses two prompts:

  1. Looking across seminar materials – from readings to ideas and feedback shared by peers – point to one place in your MILT Course Proposal Preview that’s been impacted by seminar interactions with words and ideas.  Describe the connections you see.
  2. Looking at what you’ve written in your Course Proposal Preview, point to one or two places where you link this document to your MILT Philosophy writing.  Describe the connections you see.

Badge Assessment Criteria

The first document will be organized and composed with academic colleagues and seminar peers in mind as the intended audience.  As such, the document will draw on course materials, on-going learning, personal and professional reflection to propose a set of course ideas for peer consideration.  The second document, as with the first, will draw on course materials as well as personal and professional reflection to provide support for key ideas.


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