MILT Dialogic Discussion Badge

Participants seeking this badge will:

  1. Compose a 2-4 page reflection exploring their participation and learning within Discussion Forums within OOPS! Modules 1 through 4.  See  “Dennen Excerpt & Reflective Writing Prompt” for a description of this activity.
  2. Complete an OOPS! adaptation of the 5-item Critical Insights Questionnaire.  See below for link to the list of the questions included in this anonymous form.
  3. Upload the Reflective Writing to the Dropbox, also located just below.

Assessment Criteria: This short composition will include a beginning, middle, and end that draws on an ORE reflective writing organization: Observe.  Reflect.  Expand.  This model is set out by Dan Paracka in his blog post “Enhance Cross-Cultural Learning in Study Abroad” that you’ll find at the following link:

“Dennen Excerpt & Reflective Writing Prompt” is available at the following URL:

“Critical Insights Questionnaire” is available at the following URL:

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