MILT Philosophy Badge


Participants will create an artifact – a document, a video, a slideshow, a blog post – that conveys the individual’s naming of MILT, definition/understanding of the concept, and addresses ways of drawing on these ideas to shape learning and teaching/professional practice.

Basic Guidelines:

  1. Create an artifact – a “more-short/brief-than-long/complex” statement in the form of a document, a video, a slideshow, a blog post – that conveys the following components to an audience you identify:
    (a) your naming of MILT,
    (b) your definition/reflection on/understanding of the concept, and
    (c) ways you draw on, or would draw, on these ideas to shape learning and/or teaching practices where you are a student and/or teacher.
  2. Share this artifact during the span of Module 2 in the Peer Feedback Forum in order to seek and gather feedback for further developing your work.  As your initial Feedback Forum post, include some context and questions to help peers “read and respond like real readers,” and remember to upload your document (a drop and drag process) to that forum posting.
  3. Respond to peers’ work in development – and in this reflection, consider what and how you learn to understand your own project in new ways. You will offer feedback to at least two other seminar participants.
  4. Complete a Revision Memo, then post this with your Revised Artifact to the Philosophy Badge Folder.  You may submit the Revised Artifacts for badge consideration between 7 Feb. to 22 March.

Badge Assessment Criteria:

The guidelines we’ll use in awarding the badge are few and basic:  (1) The person seeking the badge will have drafted, sought feedback, and drawn on that feedback in revising the artifact.  (2) The badge earner will have provided feedback to peers. (3) The Revised Artifact is compositionally sound in overall structure/organization, and sets out idea/content that are appropriate to the writer’s specific teaching context.

Badge 1 Revision Memo

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