Here’s a glimpse of the Syllabus via the learning aims.  We’ll post the syllabus in mid-December.

Learning Aims

This seminar will become a place where participants…
Interact with – respond to, analyse, discuss – readings in a reflective practice mode, reviewing through multiple lenses, considering diverse perspectives, addressing personal contexts, and imagining professional possibilities.
Develop a personal – contextual, robust and dynamic – understanding of MILT through participation in discussion forums and activity workshops.
Engage ideas in multiple ways – spoken, verbal, visual/audio, and written – in order to create teaching/learning activities and/or artifacts.
Apply core course design constructs – course alignment, universal design for learning, and a range of critical multicultural pedagogical principles – to one’s own teaching roles and learning responsibilities in higher education.
Stretch to create among ourselves – and often beyond this course – learning spaces akin to those we seek for our students as we exchange and expand our viewpoints through our new interactions.We propose these aims also as a necessary foundation for creating a learning community that practices inclusive listening, dialog and creation of alliances as part of bridging our divergent ideas, insights and identities.

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